July 26, 2006

on wind patterns or why i feel thwarted

though my bikesnotbombs 18-speed is a far cry from the slick fixies that are popular in boston, i've been quite a biker lately, riding every day to and from work for the past several weeks.

it took me some time to get used to the bike, and its spontaneously changing gears, and a little longer to learn the ways of riding the streets of boston, where neither the drivers nor the streets are straight-forward.

now, i am trying to learn wind patterns. and i am discovering that the wind blows in my face both going to and from work. you thought that all those stories about walking uphill both ways were tales, but this is true. granted, i go to and from at different times of the day, but am i really this unlucky?

not to worry, i am returning to children's in 3 weeks and resuming my usual ride through the fens, where the breeze tends to be more pleasant.

July 21, 2006

face control

jeffers and triin recently married near to and friends recently came back from the motherland. i couldn't go because of work. here is a piece of what i missed: midnight in moscow.

July 15, 2006

restaurant: toro

the other day, nini and i went to toro, in the (far) south end on washington and mass, the latest from john critchley, who is actually in the kitchen, and ken oringer, who is coincidentally marrying nina's school friend from the 5 towns, and now should also be referred to as restaurateur in addition to chef. you should overlook the complaints of citysearch readers about the "service" and such things, which are important for a restaurant, but neither make nor break one.

importantly, toro is a great place for food. the portion sizes are generous, meant to be shared, and prepared with a great deal of care.

the sweet-and-spicy green peppers were lightly fried, tender on the inside, and perfectly seasoned with coarse salt. the sweetbreads served on a skewer were crispy, also perfectly seasoned, and accompanied by a brush of piquillo pepper aioli and a mound of fruit foam (it's a beauty). skirt steak a la plancha was exactly medium rare, served with a circle of cabrales blue cheese, and when nina wanted it to be cooked a bit more, it was promptly replaced with a medium version. and finally, the stew of crab, lobster and sea urchin, was just that, extraordinary. so were the dates, compliments of the chef and his bride, stuffed with cabrales and wrapped in jamon. strong work!

we'll be coming back, "palate fatigue" notwithstanding.

July 10, 2006

on einstein and letters

having recently done a small study of albert einstein's letter correspondence (communication in nature), it seems that the archive used was incomplete, missing 3,500 pages of personal letters that were just released.

fascinating stuff. thanks slashdot.

July 02, 2006

by popular demand: more japanese videos

"how to remove whole crab easily"


"how to make long lasting cut flower"

for more delights, go here.