August 31, 2006

moscow subway pictures


August 18, 2006

bring me the head of charlie brown

the distinction between genius and derangement is subtle, and this video is sheer joy.

August 17, 2006

the water wars

as the population grows and resource distribution becomes more heterogeneous, many have speculated that the biggest conflicts of this century will be over fresh water. i haven't yet found a comprehensive web source on the topic, but doing a google search reveals alot.

here, metafilter users contemplate this question with much success.

letters from nyc

nytimes published a series of complaint letters from long ago. they are a treasure.

August 09, 2006

ohmygod, i don't have enough time to spend on the web!

i have a few meta sources on the web that i peruse regularly, but this is really too much. introducing: popurls.

social jet lag

as of late, i've become accustomed to quite deranged sleeping schedules, including staying up for 30 hours with a couple of hours of sleep every 4th day.

now, a group studying "chronotypes," or preferred timings of sleep and activity, has concluded that nearly half of people are socially lagged. i agree. here is the pop link and the original paper.