October 26, 2006

The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads


October 17, 2006

give me back my google

internet without the commercial clutter: givemebackmygoogle.

computing films

malcolm gladwell chronicles attempts to predict the commercial success of films, and while i am not in principle opposed to "black box" (atheortical) theoretical approaches like neural networks, why not put talents to better use, and make a better netflix suggestion algorithm?

October 15, 2006

unconscious irony

john ashcroft is interviewed by nytimes:

In addition to songwriting, you dabble in the visual arts. What sort of work do you do?

I make barbed-wire sculpture.

Why barbed wire?

Because there was a surplus of it on my farm.

yes indeed.

October 11, 2006

we love france VI

and they love mushrooms. which we (nay, i not nina) love too which is why we are planning an excursion to a birch forest this weekend.

October 08, 2006

if you have not seen hard gay, here is your introduction: thank you japan!

sammy's roumanian

this weekend's visit to nyny brought many joys, among them a visit to sammy's roumanian style restaurant, a gem from another era on the lower east side.

what can we say when there is a maple syrup-style bottle of schmaltz on every table?

and said bottle is used generously to mix chopped liver with caramelized onions and sliced radish to generate sammy's chopped liver in real time!

fried potatoes, latkes, garlic tenderized steak, pickles, and frozen vodka completed the experience.

john stewart inquires...

while one-sided commentary is not entirely right, this one is simply too good...