November 16, 2006


the craziest stunt in a long time.

watching star wars for the first time, in order

reactions to watching star wars in proper order.

November 12, 2006

borat's cultural teachings

finally, there is some turbulence from sb cohen's "borat," including the frat boy lawsuit and reflections of a veteran feminist. the negative dialectic is nowhere to be found, but the funny continues.

November 07, 2006

new, not old, mexico

we have returned from a trip to new mexico. it took a few days to get into the life of leisure, but of course the vacation was too short to truly excel at it.

highlights of the trip included visits to the lightning field, bandelier, and white sands national parks. gustatory mentions go to the joseph's table and coyote cafe. and of course, miles and miles (nearly 2000 on our odometer) of spectacular and desolate nature. click on the above picture for a link to nina's flickr to see some of it.