July 29, 2007

universal translator

July 11, 2007

stasi: of things gone but not forgotten

the lives of others was one of the great films of last year. it's about so many important things and crafted in such a delicate and sophisticated way that it defies description in what has become a very succinct blog of mine. i found the movie particularly relevant because of the time i spent in berlin visiting mosman a few years ago. somehow one of the things that we missed was the stasi museum, the former stasi HQ that is featured in the film. here are david byrne's reflections after visiting it, and they are fascinating. if i haven't told you the college story of my spy professor, you must remind me next time we meet.

the structure of a cartoon

cartoonists draw with their eyes closed.

July 07, 2007

suspended in blogging

a long time ago, when i studied philosophy actively, i was fascinated with the vienna circle and the notion of human thought being "suspended in language," whereby what we say is defined by how we think and how we think is defined by how we say it. arguably, we think in different ways depending on whether we write or speak, but do we think in unique ways when we blog?

lots of people spend a substantial part of their thought in blogs-- just look at some of the regularly updated blogs at technorati-- and some even blog their lives together (1+2) though their blogs are topically unrelated. is thought as it happens during blogging particularly relational, hyperlinks and metatags included?