September 29, 2007

cellphones for world citizens

if only i was one of them. cubic telecom is releasing a GSM phone that will have free local access numbers in up to 50 cities and not have roaming charges. now you can travel globally and remain local (without being buggered by at&t). and if you have a GSM phone, you don't have to bind their handset: simply buy their SIM card and use it in your phone. via nytimes.

September 28, 2007

personal medicine 2/2 web 2.0

a few days ago, a recent graduate of a medical residency opened his own practice: dr parkinson. its business model is that of concierge medicine, but because it operates in williamsburg brooklyn, it caters to 18-40 year olds. it's gotten a lot of press in gawker, nypost, and wsj, where it resulted in lots of flames with dr parkinson replying. it's an admirable approach, both in terms of its attention to patients and to economics. follow his progress on his blog.

September 13, 2007

moltissimo mario

the other day i was watching batali's molto mario during which he made a most splendid rendition of pollo in agrodolce, which i promptly made for dinner with just as delicious results.

now, it seems that mario is doing even more kindness to us by posting some of his personal loves as a serious eater.

grazie mille!

September 06, 2007

live internet is here has allowed new users to create channels and is booming. we've come a long way since jennicam!