October 26, 2007

an email from a friend: what happens when a person's will meets a sedative-hypnotic medication?

Cool the keys to the computeraregetting progressively fuzzy,no reallyihavetofight my way out of thisthkeys dowanttogettouched,hodufind the wordsyouwasntintersting the keyboard starteoff fuzzy and the it startsto move a little jinglethe are fuzzydidmention Ithink I am trying to raise myself out oof drugstupor right now
Yeam how are you guys, we are busym,we leave sat midmorning. Will have car, Shall we pick you guys up at the auroeu[[p[pto? Just tell us when and what time and with who,
i hope I remember how,,hehehe this whole thing looks like its sailing away........

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