December 31, 2007

gawker, nick denton, and the rise of blog media

earlier this year, new york magazine published everybody sucks: gawker and the rage of the creative underclass.

the title and the essay have little to do with the actual underclass, instead speaking about gawker and its proprietor, nick denton.

though the piece gets it right, it probably mistakes gawker's and denton's aspirations. gawker is just a new york gossip blog.

surprisingly, nick denton offers a rebuttal in the form of a self authored comparison to rupert murdoch and william randolph hearst (in that order).

though gawker media is of considerable size and influence, the reality and historicity of nick denton's efforts are just that, a matter of history. thinking about denton's current public activities in the form of gawker media's varied publications, approaching 20 in total, one wonders what he hopes to accomplish. barring the comparison to murdoch and hearst, both of whom have made indelible marks on history, nick denton's legacy remains to be defined.

my unsolicited advice: do something good! gawker is fun enough. and you became wealthy a long time ago.

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