January 29, 2008

29 things to be happy about

from sfgate.

January 20, 2008

nina factor

the nina factor, much like the cameron factor, has finally been quantified! in response to a comment about a local movie theater, nina responded that it's a great theater, they play like 30 movies at a time. in reality, only 19 movies are played. nina factor = 30 / 19. next time nina makes an assessment, i now know that it's probably exaggerated by about 60%.

January 09, 2008

What Do Real Thugs Think of The Wire?

sudhir venkatesh, who wrote a landmark dissertation while i was studying at the uofc, has now interviewed nyc gangbangers about the wire. great stuff!

if you don't know about the wire, shame on you! though it's not too late to catch up with its final season. ps: it is the truly dickensonian tale of our times in america.