June 22, 2008


Study: Most Children Strongly Opposed To Children�s Healthcare

June 21, 2008

Stir I Cook

if you are looking to give me a gift, say like for a birthday, consider Stir.

June 05, 2008


a long time ago, my father told me not to become an engineer because they likely may become obsolete, when one day machines begin to create machines. it seems that this kind of day was may 29 when a RepRap made a copy of itself.

June 03, 2008

the hardest thing about finding interesting japanese restaurants in boston

1) requires knowledge of a japanese person who is willing to share their secret with you. well done by allan's hairdresser.

and 2) needs a person to be able to locate said restaurant on a map. not trivial, heavily camouflaged on google. but after a long struggle, using legal and resurgent search techniques, here it is:

the simple and understated pleasure of shikibrookline

please to join us in celebration of allan's birthday.

June 01, 2008

today's meals: a less expensive approach to eccentric tastes



  • pan grilled arepas with halloumi and cherry tomatoes from trader joe's
  • arugula from trader joe's, dressed with oil and vinegar



  • bulgogi style frozen short ribs from trader joe's, broiled well on aluminum foil
  • brown lentils from trader joe's, microwaved in vacuum sealed package
  • mushy peas, steamed from frozen package and mushed with duck fat (rendered from roasted duck legs)

very tasty, diverse, and much less expensive than the conventional approach.