January 01, 2009

new year

people all around are making "new year's resolutions," and one naturally wonders why?

these days, answering such questions often begins with wikipedia, and indeed wikipedia describes a number of traditions associated with the turning of the annual calendar, including the feast of the circumcision of jesus, probably a commonly celebrated tradition no more.

in a typically american spirit, usa.gov lists popular resolutions, but none of them come naturally to me, barring traveling, which is a luxury really. even if it were not, it's a kind of categorical imperative for me.

in a seemingly comprehensive but expectedly biased way, nytimes lists attention grabbing historic events of january 1, and though many of them are in fact monumental, somehow contemplating the future of the euro is not compelling today.

i know that this post is trying to be witty, and there is a limit to all good things.

i have no special resolutions, partly because i prefer daily as opposed to annual reflection, and partly because i grew up without new year's resolutions.

i am happy that nini is pregnant and that i am finally in a position to begin to work on what i want.

happy new year!

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