March 29, 2009

movie: duplicity

the great thing about duplicity is not its cast-- though seeing paul giamatti and tom wilkinson spit at each other in slow motion is a treat-- it's the effortless dance of genres, from spy thriller to comedy to romance and drama. see it!

March 22, 2009

tonight's dinner

  • wasabi goat cheese
  • beet roots with almond vinaigrette
  • eggplant, broiled with miso
  • duck, stuffed with rice, beans, chinese bacon and sage and roasted whole
  • purple potatoes roasted in duck fat
  • beet leaf and pea tendril salad
  • nina's chocolate mousse

March 01, 2009

on blogger

i do like blogger, but it could be so much more.

LIFE photo archive

LIFE archive is astounding. ny's fulton st in the 1880s. life in a ny tenement during the great depression, a couple of blocks from where i used to live. ny life not too long ago. and there are millions of others!