July 15, 2009

talks with asher

while asher and i have been talking for the past 15 minutes-- with the uu, aa, and ee, punctuated by strategically timed smiles and tactful shrieks-- i've been thinking about what exactly we are discussing.

like most of our conversations, and i mean that with other people also, the fundamental subject is neither explicit nor self evident. in this case, we started with uu, and have been returning to it frequently.

some parts have been particularly exciting, associated with bouncing. these may have been exclamatory.

others have been interrogative. usually, i respond promptly, even before asher finishes his exposition, to maintain the excitement.

on occasion, i've paused to contemplate a proper response. often, a smile signals approval, but sometimes there is quiet.

then we wait, and usually the conversation resumes exactly where it left off.

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