December 20, 2009

current www search: information, capitalism, and noise

if you've tried searching online for commodities recently, then you've probably experienced the inefficiencies of this process.

indeed, companies are exploiting the common search indices to push their links to the top of the search, in so called content farms. even the alleged decision engines fail.

workarounds exist, such as restricting searches to "credible" sources and filtering advertisers, but is there a real solution?

December 06, 2009

the simply fascinating aspects of the jewish diaspora

So all is well in the Jewish community here because the Hasidic rabbi is helping the Montana cop speak Hebrew to his dog. It is good news all around. The officer keeps the Capitol safe, and the Hebrew pooch is feeling more at home hearing his native tongue.

But the big winner is the rabbi, a recent arrival from Brooklyn who is working hard (against tough odds) to bring his Lubavitch movement to Montana. He has been scouring the state for anyone who can speak Hebrew, and is elated to have found a German shepherd he can talk to.
nytimes story.