May 26, 2010

Вася Обломов еду в Магадан

May 14, 2010

nature's wonder, new york, ca 2002

What we need is a pig

And a feather.

The pig to wander around the yard,

Eating slop in the sublime happiness

Of not knowing

the platter on the dinner table,

adorned with shallots, chives,

and apples

once hanging above its rosy ears.

The feather to sift gracefully

Of knowing

the inspiration of flight,

curved by gravity’s pull,

lifted by ether

to trace its path into the bucket.

What of the man, sitting in the shade of my apple tree?

He lifts his gaze to the empty sky,

Catching a glimpse of the feather making its dance,

And wonders.

The pig sniffs the feather,

turns away.

A thump is heard, branches rattling.

The man pats his head,

his stomach rumbling,

meanders into the house.


untitled, first poem, ca 2000

it stands unseen

above and up up high

filling all

it stands below

in touch with all

in view of all

full with that which

above below soars high

lies low

it stands on edge of

clouds made of song

of structure pregnant soil

it looks

it sees

two curves of life

in circled arms

two fountains of song

immersed above below

it breathes life

and then up up high

on ground

full with that which

fills i


feel above

encircled by it

i am born full of that which

lies high

soars low

unseen below

in full view up above

in me.

May 02, 2010

japan, april 2010

there are many ways to define travel (bad pun), but for me it's always been a time to renew. certainly, nina's and mine recent trip to japan upon the invitation of the japan pediatric society was that, but also our first trip as parents (thanks to our parents), which made it simultaneously more satisfying and less escapist.

there are many remarkable things about traveling to japan: the jetlag, the food, and most of all, the hospitality, perhaps particularly so because of the language barrier.

notable moments:
highly recommend, hoping to return soon!