November 21, 2010


last night, nina and i went to o-ya for dinner, thanks to jeffers and triin.

we've been there before, and the food was outstanding. this time, feeling lazy, we settled on omakase. it was a great time, but in contrast to our previous visit, dish sequencing lagged, and selections seemed trite.

perhaps we should've ordered a la carte, but in spite of the "chef's choices," the biggest disappointment was the food.

it's not that it wasn't well crafted. it was. but the ingredients could've/should've been better. there is no excuse for serving (farmed, dyed) "scottish salmon," no need to combine chinese truffles and fish, and no gain from sourcing corn-fed (american) wagyū beef.

maybe, we'll return, but in all likelihood not. for the sake of o-ya, i do hope that frank bruni's review turns out to be more than an archival document.